Faculty Theory

Matthew Johnson

The goal of my research is to understand the fundamental laws of nature through their impact on cosmology. I am primarily a theorist, dabbling in cosmology, field theory, string theory, and gravitation. I am actively engaged in research on cosmic inflation, eternal inflation, topological defects, and models of dark energy. I also design data analysis algorithms to confront fundamental theory […]

Roman Koniuk

Essentially all my research has aimed at an understanding of strongly coupled quantum field theories, quantum chromodynamics (QCD) in particular. QCD is the theory of the nuclear and sub-nuclear strong force, the force that binds protons and neutrons to form nuclei and at a deeper level, the force that binds quarks to form neutrons and […]

Kim Maltman

I am interested in the consequences of the Standard Model of particle physics for few-body nuclear systems and low-energy particle physics and dynamics. Recent research has focussed on the QCD, the theory of the strong interactions, using the techniques of chiral perturbation theory and various versions of QCD sum rules to study weak strong and […]

Sean Tulin

About 85% of matter in the Universe that makes up galaxies and clusters is dark matter, while only about 15% is normal atomic matter that makes up stars, planets, and gas.  Although dark matter is fundamentally important in determining the structure of the Universe, the particle physics of dark matter is a mystery.  My research deals with […]